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My story begins in 2007 when I first learned the best news of my life.  I was expecting my first child!  If you're anything like me, your entire world changes from this point forward.  It was no longer "about me".  It became important to read anything I could get my hands on regarding having a healthy pregnancy and how to take care of my baby once he was born.  I researched everything from BPA, to car seats, laundry detergent, vaccines and everything in between. The more I read, the more I questioned..... EVERYTHING.

On April 30, 2008 our first baby boy arrived.  His name is Dylan and what a blessing he is in our life.  If you're a parent, you can relate that having your first child is an adventure and a huge learning experience!  Two years later we welcomed sweet Caden into our family.   After two years of Dylan asking for a sister and much thought, we decided to try for a girl and beautiful angel Zara was born in 2013.    
Our family was complete and life seemed perfect.  Then in 2014, our lives took a very unexpected turn which you can read about here.
As a result, I know now more than ever how precious and fragile life is and how important it is to reduce exposure to toxins in our food, water, household products and in the products that we put on and into our bodies. Equally important, is the need to supplement wisely to achieve optimum health and energy, and protect ourselves and our children from health challenges which might be beyond our control.
Shaklee products have been helping to create healthier families and a healthier world since 1956.  I invite you to browse my website and encourage you to join me in letting Shaklee help you create a safer, healthier life for you and the people you love!
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  Photo taken of Zara October 2014